my love for photography started at a very young age. i was obsessed with taking pictures, dropping them off to get developed, anxiously awaiting for them, and proudly displaying them in my room. I still have boxes full of old frames and albums! time just goes by way to fast.. looking at a box i recently found really puts that into perspective!!.

just a little about {me}  Kay is my middle name.. i am from New Jersey, we moved to California in 2007- then we lived in Sicily for 3 years.  i had both my kids while we were stationed overseas.  hubby was in the Navy. Bradley & Elliana – are 17 months apart and complete opposites but everyone  asks if they’re twins. I love spending time with my family, watching tv, and road trips! Really an trips! I love to travel. I also love coffee, pizza, and more recently red wine! Which is sweet because we brought back 200+ bottles while living in Italy.

Beyond blessed my work has been featured on the following:


Honored to be voted best newborn photographer by The Premier Photography Magazine